Real Estate

Often a home is a person’s most significant asset, and it is important to plan what will happen to a home upon the death of the homeowner. In New Hampshire, a homeowner is not empowered to name a beneficiary to real estate within the deed evidencing the homeowner’s ownership of the property. Therefore, to ensure their home passes per their wishes, New Hampshire residents generally must expect their home will be subjected to the probate process or alternatively deed their property during their lifetimes to an entity (like a trust or business organization) or directly to their beneficiaries.
What We Offer
In consultation with our clients, we determine the best strategy for passing ownership of their real estate upon death and then prepare and facilitate the execution and recording of the necessary documents to affect our clients’ plan. We also routinely assist our clients with residential real estate sales and purchases and our services include drafting/reviewing purchase and sales agreements and deed preparation.
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